Exploring the Best Hotels in Butuan City

Your Comfort First: Exploring the Best Hotels in Butuan City

Hotel Oazis Butuan City featuring a large outdoor pool –

Butuan City beckons travelers with its range of accommodation options tailored for both fleeting visits and prolonged stays. From luxury hotels with swimming pools to cultural gems nestled in the city’s heart, visitors can find the perfect place to rest. Tapping into resources like, guests can effortlessly navigate through the extensive list of hotels in Butuan City, ensuring they find an accommodation close to major landmarks and attractions, enhancing their travel experience.

Moreover, securing the best possible rates for a stay in Butuan becomes simpler with’s lowest price guarantee for hotels butuan, including beloved spots like Hotel Oazis. This assurance enables travelers to explore Butuan’s rich tapestry of culture and history without the worry of overspending on accommodations. Whether it’s a family trip or a solo adventure, the right hotel in Butuan awaits to make your journey memorable.

Top Rated Hotels in Butuan City

Butuan City, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, also boasts some of the top-rated hotels offering exceptional amenities and services. Here’s a closer look at these premier accommodations:

  1. Almont Inland Resort: Priced at Php 3,500 per night1, this resort is a haven for those seeking relaxation and comfort, featuring a swimming pool, fitness center, restaurant, bar, spa, and complimentary Wi-Fi.
  2. Watergate Boutique Hotel: Located in the city’s heart, Watergate Boutique starts at PHP 3,200 per night1. Guests can enjoy luxurious rooms, an on-site restaurant serving both local and international dishes, a fitness center and a swimming pool.
  3. Dottie’s Place Hotel: For PHP 3,200 per night1, this hotel offers spacious rooms near commercial areas and tourist spots. Amenities include an in-house restaurant, a business center, meeting rooms, and free Wi-Fi and a swimming pool.
  4. Go Hotels Butuan: With room rates less then PHP 2,0001, Go Hotels Butuan features well-appointed rooms. The hotel is strategically placed just beside (within) the Soppimh Centre Robinsons Place Butuan, J.C. Aquino Ave.

Additionally, the Watergate Boutique Hotel and Almont City Hotel are noted for their excellent service and strategic location, providing guests with a memorable stay in Butuan City.

Budget-Friendly Accommodations

For travelers seeking comfort without the hefty price tag, Butuan City offers a variety of budget-friendly accommodations that promise both comfort and convenience. Here’s a snapshot of some of the most economical places to stay:

  • V Hotel: Ideal for families, this hotel provides a children’s playground and family rooms for up to four guests, ensuring a comfortable stay for everyone.
  • Hotel Oazis, Go Hotels Butuan, and Casa Consuelo Hotel: With room rates starting at just Php 1,500 per night1, these hotels are perfect for budget-conscious travelers looking for quality without compromise.
  • The Urban Homes & Dottie’s Place Hotel: Offering room rates as low as Php 8001 and Php 1,0001 respectively, both establishments feature free Wi-Fi, with Dottie’s Place also boasting an in-house restaurant.

Additionally, several hotels provide rooms with rates varying from Php 1,200 to Php 3,000 per night1, all equipped with essential amenities such as air conditioning, cable TV, and Wi-Fi. This range includes Hotel Prince, Hotel Krystal, and Hotel La Breza, each located strategically around the city center to give guests easy access to local attractions and dining options. For those prioritizing high ratings and exceptional value, Z&J Transient Pad and HOMESTAY BY ERNZ stand out with scores above 9.5, offering cozy accommodations with modern conveniences like free private parking and full-day security.

Cultural and Historic Hotels

Butuan City, with its deep historical roots, is home to several hotels that not only provide comfort but also a profound cultural and historic experience. These establishments are ideal for travelers eager to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of the city’s past.

  • Almont Inland Resort and Almont City Hotel: These sister properties blend modern amenities with cultural richness. The Inland Resort is particularly notable for its museum displaying artifacts such as the Butuan Boat, the oldest known watercraft in the Philippines.
  • Villa Carmelita Hotel: Located in the heart of Butuan, this hotel is a treasure trove of history, adorned with antique furniture and art pieces that echo the city’s cultural heritage.
  • Hotel San Vicente: Established in 1950, this hotel stands as one of Butuan’s oldest, offering a nostalgic charm with its proximity to the city center and the airport, complemented by a restaurant, bar, and function hall.
  • Hotel Kaya: A boutique hotel near the Balangay Shrine Museum, Hotel Kaya enriches guests’ stays with cultural insights, featuring a restaurant, bar, and function hall, making it a perfect spot for history enthusiasts.

Each of these hotels offers a unique glimpse into the historical and cultural essence of Butuan, making them more than just places to stay, but gateways to the past.

Family-Friendly Accommodations

Butuan City is a prime destination for family getaways, offering accommodations that cater exceptionally to both adults and children. Here are some of the best family-friendly hotels in Butuan City:

  • Butuan Grand Palace Hotel: Ideal for families, this hotel offers a children’s playground and family rooms that accommodate up to four guests, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for the whole family.
  • Almont Inland Resort: Known for its family-oriented facilities, this resort features an outdoor pool, a children’s playground, and spacious family rooms or suites suitable for up to six guests. It’s a perfect choice for larger families seeking both relaxation and fun.
  • Vivaldi Residences Butuan and Home Crest Hotel: These hotels are equipped with kids’ pools and offer sumptuous buffet meals, making them excellent options for families looking for a bit of luxury and convenience.
  • Affordable Choices:
    • V Hotel: Priced at Php 2,500 per night1, offers a restaurant, bar, and free Wi-Fi.
    • Home Crest Hotel: Available for Php 2,200 per night1, providing similar amenities with a cozy atmosphere.
    • Cherry Blossoms Hotel: A more budget-friendly option at Php 1,800 per night1, featuring essential amenities like a restaurant and free Wi-Fi.
    • The Metro Hotel: At Php 1,500 per night1, this hotel provides straightforward accommodations with a restaurant and free Wi-Fi, suitable for families watching their budget.

Each of these establishments ensures that families have ample space, essential amenities, and entertainment options to make their stay in Butuan City both comfortable and memorable.


Exploring Butuan City’s accommodations reveals a diverse range of options, from luxurious resorts to budget-friendly hotels, each offering unique amenities and experiences catering to the needs of various travelers. The top-rated hotels such as Almont Inland Resort and Hotel XYZ demonstrate the city’s ability to provide comfort and luxury, showcasing exceptional amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, and in-house restaurants. Meanwhile, for those conscious of their travel budget, accommodations like V Hotel and Go Hotels Butuan offer quality stays without compromising on essential comforts, ensuring that every traveler finds a fitting place to rest.

The richness of Butuan City is not just in its historical sites and cultural heritage but also in the hospitality it extends to its visitors through hotels that serve as gateways to this vibrant destination. Whether you are seeking a family-friendly hotel equipped with children’s playgrounds and pools or a cultural escape that ties you closer to Butuan’s historical roots, the city has an accommodation to meet your needs. This exploration of Butuan City’s best hotels underscores the importance of finding the right place to stay, making your travel experience memorable and ensuring that your comfort is prioritized in every aspect of your journey.


1. What is Butuan City known for?
Butuan City serves as the commercial, industrial, and administrative heart of the Caraga region. It is a key trading center in Northern Mindanao, with major roads linking it to other principal cities in the island like Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Malaybalay, Surigao, and soon, Tandag.

2. Is Butuan City a safe and suitable place to live?
Yes, Butuan City is considered one of the safest places in Mindanao, second only to Davao. It boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the Philippines, and there are no terrorism concerns in the city.

1 Prices may have changed in the meantime

Delta Discovery Park, Butuan City

Butuan City’s Hidden Gem: Delta Discovery Park

Delta Discovery Park, Butuan City

Tucked away in the lush, mountainous terrains of Butuan City in the Philippines, Delta Discovery Park emerges as a captivating eco-tourism destination that spans over 85 hectares. This hidden gem in the Caraga region offers a rich blend of adventure and nature, featuring attractions like the thrilling zipline, eco-trails, and a butterfly sanctuary, all nestled within the vibrant landscape of Mindanao.

Visitors to Butuan City looking for an immersive experience can find accommodations in various hotels in Butuan City, ensuring they have a comfortable stay while exploring the park’s extensive offerings. From adrenaline-pumping activities to serene encounters with nature, Delta Discovery Park promises an unforgettable journey through the heart of Mindanao’s pristine ecosystems.

The Thrill of the Zipline Adventure

Delta Discovery Park in Butuan City elevates the thrill of adventure to new heights with its zipline experiences, offering both the adrenaline rush of speed and the mesmerizing beauty of the Mindanao landscape. The park boasts two ziplines:

  • 1.3-kilometer Zipline: Known as the longest single zipline in Mindanao and Asia, this ride is an exhilarating journey 120 meters above the ground. For PHP 650 per person1, participants are treated to a breathtaking panoramic view, including the lush greenery and the winding Masao River. The experience begins with a 5-minute 4×4 jeep ride to the registration area, followed by a safety briefing. The launch from a higher elevation provides a thrilling perspective as the zipline weaves through the canopy, offering a unique aerial view of the park’s vibrant ecosystem.
  • 400-meter Dual Zipline: Priced at PHP 350 per head1, this zipline offers a shorter but equally thrilling ride. It accommodates those looking for a quick adrenaline fix, providing a scenic view of the surroundings at 100 feet above the ground. Safety harnesses and helmets are mandatory, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience under the supervision of trained professionals.

The zipline adventures at Delta Discovery Park cater to all ages, with children below 7 years requiring adult accompaniment. With a capacity to entertain up to 250 riders a day, the park ensures an unforgettable experience for everyone, blending the thrill of adventure with the serene beauty of Butuan City’s natural landscape.

Other Adventures and Activities

Delta Discovery Park, Butuan CityBeyond the exhilaration of ziplining, Delta Discovery Park in Butuan City offers a plethora of activities catering to various interests and age groups, ensuring every visitor finds something to enjoy. Accommodations range from luxurious villas and cozy casitas to practical dormitory-style rooms, providing a comfortable stay amidst nature. For history enthusiasts, the park houses a museum dedicated to the rich history and culture of Butuan City, including the Balanghay Shrine, which showcases the oldest boat discovered in the Philippines. A boat ride on the man-made lake or the Agusan River offers serene views, while the playground and the swimming pool are perfect for families with children.

Adventure seekers can engage in a variety of activities:

  • Sky Cycling and Wall Climbing: For those seeking a challenge, sky cycling at PHP 200 per ride1 and wall climbing for PHP 100 per climb1 offer unique perspectives and physical tests.
  • ATV and UTV Adventures: Explore the park’s off-road trails on an ATV or UTV, with rentals available at PHP 500 per 30 minutes.
  • Fishing and Eco-Trail: A stocked fishing pond and an eco-trail provide more relaxed ways to enjoy the outdoors, with the trail offering insights into local flora and fauna.

Delta Discovery Park also caters to group activities, offering team-building exercises, including obstacle courses and trust-building activities. The park’s facilities support events of all sizes, from intimate picnics in groves to large conferences in the pavilion and amphitheater. With a restaurant on-site and catering services available, visitors can enjoy local cuisine without leaving the beauty of the park. Whether it’s a day trip for some adrenaline-fueled fun or a longer stay to immerse in the natural and cultural richness of Butuan City, Delta Discovery Park promises a memorable experience for all.

Practical Information for Visitors

Delta Discovery Park

For those planning a visit to Delta Discovery Park, here’s a handy guide to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience:

Entrance and Activity Fees:

  • Entrance Fee: PHP 200 for adults, PHP 150 for senior citizens/PWDs, PHP 100 for children (4-11 years), Free for children below 4 years.1
  • Activities:
    • Zipline: PHP 650 (1.3 km), PHP 350 (400 meters)1
    • Sky Cycling: PHP 1501
    • Bamboo Rafting: PHP 1501
    • Eco-Trail: PHP 1501
    • Wave Pool: PHP 2001

Accommodations and Operating Hours:

  • Accommodation Options:
    • Villa Rental: PHP 3,500 – PHP 5,000 per night1
    • Casita Rental: PHP 2,500 – PHP 3,500 per night1
    • Dormitory Room: PHP 2,000 per night1
  • Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Closed on Mondays

Contact and Accessibility:

  • Contact Information: 0939 9201401, 085 816-1875,
  • Location: Brgy. Bonbon, Butuan City, Agusan del Norte, Philippines
  • Getting There: The park is approximately 15 minutes from Butuan City proper, accessible by land transportation. From Bancasi Airport, take a multicab or hire a single motorbike/tricycle.

Remember, the park’s staff are known for being accommodating and fun, enhancing the overall visitor experience. Additionally, for those looking to explore beyond the park, nearby attractions include Bunawan Eco Park, the Butuan National Museum, and the St. Joseph Cathedral of Butuan.


Delta Discovery Park in Butuan City stands as a testament to the allure and potential of eco-tourism in the Philippines. Through its comprehensive blend of high-adrenaline activities and serene nature experiences, the park not only caters to thrill-seekers but also to those wishing to immerse themselves in the natural and cultural heritage of the region. It reinforces the concept that adventure can coexist with ecological preservation and education, offering visitors a unique opportunity to connect with the environment in a deeply personal and exciting way.

The significance of Delta Discovery Park extends beyond mere entertainment, serving as a gateway to understanding the rich biodiversity and history of Butana City and the broader Mindanao region. As it captivates with its ziplines, eco-trails, and cultural exhibits, the park also underscores the importance of sustainable tourism practices in preserving these treasures for future generations. Whether it’s a day filled with adventure or a tranquil exploration of nature’s beauty, Delta Discovery Park promises an enriching and memorable experience for all who venture into this hidden gem of the Philippines.


What is Butuan known for?

Butuan is renowned for its array of attractions, including the Delta Discovery Park, Butuan National Museum, Magellan’s Landing Site, Masao Beach, and the Balangay Shrine Museum. These sites showcase the city’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty.

Where can you find Asia’s longest zipline?

Asia’s longest zipline is located at the Dahilayan Adventure Park in Valencia City, Bukidnon Province, Mindanao, Philippines. This thrilling attraction is a must-visit for adventure seekers exploring the region.

1 Prices may have changed in the meantime


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